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Let’s take a look at some Sell From Stage Academy® testimonials from students and people who are implementing the methodology!

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Amy Porterfield recently used Colin’s ‘Sell From Stage Formula’ to speak and sell on her stage with these results…

“Using Colin’s step-by-step system I generated more than $450,000 dollars from selling onstage at one event, but more so then anything, it felt good. It felt really good and authentic, and it felt like me.”

*Note: Amy hired me to coach her on her live and virtual events using the Sell From Stage Academy® Methodology. She is not a student.

“I ALWAYS go to the best for the coaching and support I need when I speak: Colin Boyd.”

“The more I SPEAK, the more money I make. Colin is the real deal. He has given me countless prompts, frameworks and story ideas that have paid off so well with my audiences that I am forever grateful.”

James Wedmore – Creator of Business By Design

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“I was struggling to create the perfect webinar and I worked through Colin’s process step-by-step. I finally knew what to say when and how to engage with the audience in a better way.

It not only was a high converting webinar but gave me more confidence! I highly recommend his process, it was such a blessing to work with him!”

– Carrie Green (Founder of Female Entrepreneur Association)

I didn’t know how MUCH I was missing.

I can see now that the potential for me to grow my brand and my business is exponential with the tools, frameworks, strategies, and trainings he shared with me and the students.

I knew for myself that if I wanted to elevate my brand in business, I needed to double down on educating myself and finding new, innovative ways to elevate the way I present myself and the way I educate from any stage I’m asked to speak on”.

– Britt Seva, Social Media strategist

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“The whole program is so well researched and presented, not random theories but actual real-life examples and strategies. Value galore!

He truly has a heart for service and it comes through in the way he teaches. If you want to get more confident and effective at speaking and selling on any stage, it’s a no-brainer to sign up for this program!”

Anna Powers- Online Expert & Speaker

‘This is the first time going into my event I felt fully prepared’ – Stacy Tuschl

Watch Stacy Tuschl’s story about how Colin’s Sell From stage Formula helped her to speak at her event and sell her programs in an authentic and highly profitable way…

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“Colin has a Jedi ability to reveal the path to success by making things simple and clear. Colin masterfully guides you through a simple process by providing the foundation of how to effectively leverage your speaking and webinar platforms to increase income and impact.

WOW! Best course EVER!”

– Jerome Wade

“Easy structures to follow along and build an engaging presentation that sells…”

“I wanted to ‘up’ the presentations we were doing Live and Online. I wanted to know Colin’s secret to how he created a delivered a presentation that was not only highly engaging but left people wanting more! And that’s was you get in the course. Easy structures to follow along and build an engaging presentation that sells”

– Justin Brown, Video Expert

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“$170,000 in one day”

“I had never done a live event and I was quite nervous. Colin calmed my nerves and showed me his “Sell From Stage Formula” to plan the agenda and gave me a process to sell from stage. I learned how the agenda prepares the offer. I offered masterminds at the event and I made $170,000 in one day. I’ve never made so much in one event. Now Now I have an exact formula I can follow every-time.”

Sigrun, 7-Figure Online entrepreneur

“Before the program, I delivered webinars that felt scripted, awkward and the results weren’t great. I had a fear of appearing sales-y and therefore wasn’t maximising opportunities.

This program gave me the simple frameworks I needed to easily make my presentations persuasive and fun!

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to speak and sell their products on Facebook Live, Webinars or Live Stages.

Melanie Moore, Life and Mindset strategist

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“Why did I feel so confident and why did I get those super awesome results the very first time I sold from stage?

Because a couple of weeks beforehand I joined Colin Boyd’s Sell From Stage Academy™. I applied all that I learned to my 30 minute keynote and I generated almost $10,000 for my business!

It felt easy, authentic, and really aligned with how I wanted to do business with my audience. I wasn’t selling, I was serving”

– Andrea Ames

“We just returned from speaking at a conference of about 2,000 people and we ended up making $65,000 from the stage!

Yes, from stage!!! What?!

And that’s ALL because we followed Colin’s amazing formula step by step!! And it was SO EASY!! It made so much sense! In fact, we had people RUNNING to the back of the room to get our Fast-Acting Bonus!!
It’s so relational and SO FANTASTIC!!!!”

– Amanda and Rachel – Tag Team Peeps